Vista AC vent clean hygiene foam 380g

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this very easy to use AC VENT cleaner by VISTA is highly effective aqueous cleaner foam for automobile air conditioners, with antibacterial properties from unique silver technology which eliminates odour causing bacteria on contact.

foam based formula that effectively penetrates through AC vent and enables deep cleaning. a safe to use DIY product is applicable for louvres of car air-conditioners, ducts and coils.


  • quick and easy to apply.
  • neutralizes odour.
  • very effective dust//deposit removal from the AC VENT.
  • improves air quality inside car by deep cleaning.


  1. shake well before use
  2. fix the extension tube on the nozzle
  3. ensure AC is switched off
  4. insert the open end of the tube into the AC vent grill.
  5. ensure to apply in all the ac vents
  6. wait for 15 minutes which will ensure effective cleaning
  7. switch blower on i.e. turn on the fan mode from low speed to high speed while keeping a clean cloth on the vent to ensure the residue is collected on the cloth
  8. wipe off with a clean cloth
  9. change the blower mode to AC mode for few minutes for a complete clean.
  10. enjoy the fresh and odourless clean air.